A lot of people talk about how much they want to give back to their communities and never do.

Here at Tony’s Affordable Taxes we are prepared to not only put it in writing but by making it possible in a very real way. By offering a Flat Rate Fee for families and individuals with income under $50,000. It make no sense to be paying high and exorbitant fees. The one phrase you won’t hear from other companies is, “Flat Rate Fees.” I was once one of those companies. So I know a little something about a system of deceit, the hidden and unnecessary charges that are automatically computed.

Most tax preparation fees are derived from forms and schedules and others from the amount of time taken to prepare a tax return, which I think to be absolutely hideous. And there are those who derive pricing solely from a percentage of the amount of refund you receive, which is illegal.

Here at Tony’s Affordable Taxes, we have put forth a practical common sense pricing system for those making less than $50,000 per year. Never will your services be compromised by our fair market pricing system. Everyone won’t take advantage of this golden opportunity. Fraught with skepticism, some will view it with a “too good to be true” mentality.

It’s our goal to offer a high quality product at a reasonable cost, not just for the Small Business,
but for you, the individual as well. The days of outrageous prices are no more. With the enormous
demand on your time and resources, you can ill afford to waste either. Let us be of service to you.

With over Twenty Years of experience in the Tax Industry: Recognized by the IRS as a Professional Tax Preparer. Your security and personal information are very important to us! Don’t trust it with anyone; entrust it to us.

Customers earning $50,000 and less qualify for our Flat Rate Fees.
Senior Citizens qualify for a 50% discount. (Age 65 and older).
Our student rate of $40.00 still applies.

Please contact us for additional information.